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History of our company
PXTR Awarded by the Fukuoka bureau of International Trade and Industry for the development of knitting machines. Brought knitting machine into full scale production.@Put the plating section along side knitting machine development.
PXTS Developed manufacturing technique of AC and DC
PXTT Appointed by Miyazaki transport Co., Ltd.
PXVQ Appointed by Asahi Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd
PXWO Developed internal plating for pipe and short term thick steel plating
PXWQ Appointed by Kyushu bureau of Agricultural administration
PXWS Expand the equipment for galvanized plating
PXWT Developed manufacturing technique and non-electrolytic technique on ceramics zinc electrode
PXWU Started hard anodized aluminum treatment and expanding the facilities of anodized aluminum for expanding business
PXWV Started various non-electrolytic plating, black chrome and black nickel plating
PXWX Introduced high hardness technique of anodized aluminum treatment
PXXO Accomplished the robotize full-automatic barrel galvanized line
PXXP Started compound non-electrolytic plating
PXXQ Started compound zinc and nickel alloy plating
PXXS Introduced automatic line of zinc hanger and alloy plating
PXXT Changed the company name and organization into Miyazaki Micro Ace Co., Ltd.
PXXV Developing plating techniques for surface treatment of new materials
Approved support from Miyazaki prefecture.
PXXX Constructed the new office building of a company.
Brought the safety lock drainage recycling processing system to completion
QOOO Assembly line is completed
Brought the large-scale anodized aluminum line to completion
QOOU The name of the company is changed from
"Miyazaki micro ace Ltd." to "Micro ace Ltd."