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Career in business
Company Name Micro Ace Co.,Ltd
Address 1411-1Kyouide Hanagasima Miyazaki
Executive Managing director@@@Yoshikazu Yanagi
Executive director@@@Seiko Yanagi
Director@@@Toshi Shintani
Auditor@@@Shigenori Ishimatsu
Foundation Date November 1st 1952
Description of business *Electroplating
*Non electrolytic plating
*Anodized aluminum treatment
*Various surface finishing
*Hairline Buff polishing
*Precision machining
Starting Capital \POCOOOCOOO
Correspondent Financial Institution Commercial Bank, Miyazaki Branch office, Miyazaki Bank, Hanagashima branch office
Main Products Electronic Parts Aircraft Parts
Light Electrical Parts Car Parts
Automatic Parts Semiconductor Equipment Parts
Precision Components General Building Materials